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Friday, April 04, 2014

WIP: Project Alice - Skin & Coat

Welcome back. Similar to how I painted the base I will paint Alice starting from some of the areas "under" everything else. So I start with the eyes and then begin to base coat the skin with the color above. The skin was all wet blending so very thin paint and LOTS of layers with back and forth, but I'll lay out the basic colors and progression below. Let's see where this goes...

Time to shade the skin and give her a sun kissed look with the colors below. I used a bunch of mixes and just went to town right on the mini so I don't really have ratios for you on this step.
Next I began to highlight up using the colors below. 1:1 more or less.
Then back to the base color.
And then a 2:1 sort of mix on the palette of the colors below.
That's good for now. I'm certain I'll tweak it all later once the other colors are all blocked in. They will change her skin tone and she could need more shading or more highlights. Moving onto the trench coat next as that will be our solid neutral tone that everything else plays off of. Base coat.
Shading. 1:1 mix.
Darker now, in the deepest recesses. 2:1 mix. Very thin!
Next begin to work back up to the mid tones over lapping the shaded areas. 2:1 mix.
Back to the base color.
Less coverage of previous layers now and lighter tones. 1:1 mix
Finally an even lighter 2:1 mix with the same colors.
That didn't take long (one evening in fact) and there are areas to tweak later for sure. That fold on the back of her coat at the bottom? Way to dark - but I'll revisit that later during touch ups and tweaks.

In other news, an amazing group of artists has gotten together once again to help out with the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation and their worthy causes. They even let me on board this year! So go ahead and start buying your raffle tickets for a chance to win some truly great armies or just donate to help out some truly great causes!  Look at that, I gave you hyper links to damn near everything in one paragraph! B)

Next Post: Project Alice - boots, scarf and tights. Also, the basement stairs are done - so you know there'll be a glory shot of that! What?! It's technically painting o_O Thanks for visiting and I hope you are enjoying the step by step WIPs of Alice. Feel free to hit me with questions and comments or just hurl abuse my way and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!