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Friday, May 09, 2014

Video: Painting with Secret Weapon Washes

A while ago someone commented that they would like to see how a mini painted with the Secret Weapon washes would turn out. I thought that would be a fun exercise and decide to make it into a video...
I painted up 2 minis for fun using almost exclusively SW washes. Here are a few WIP pics of the minis and then I'll get to the video.
That was what 20 min with the washes over a white primer coat looked like. Not bad. I bet with more practice and planning I could get some very nice table top minis ready in no time at all. If you were doing an army or even just a unit of ten things would go super fast because by the time you were done the last one the first would be dry and ready for the next color. Of course there is also nothing wrong with the colors blending a little too.

Onto the video. Some of the music comes from Ron of IX- Ninth Planet From The Sun. Go check out his tunes because he's adding more all the time and if you're nice he'll share them with you ;)
So there you have it. I have a new respect for anyone who creates painting videos. It's hard to stay in frame and a lot of work to cut and upload. Here is one last look at the other mini I did using the same techniques. Honestly, these washes are great and I highly recommend trying them out if you get a chance!

Scouts faces are done. Man when Finecast goes well these suckers practically paint themselves!
Telion got the most love - as is only right for a special character ;) Here are the rest. Hard to get good pics due to shine, but you get the idea.
I don't have colors for the faces and hair like usual, but those I kind of just go by feel because it gives a bit of variety and more of a natural range. After all, the Ultramarines must have recruits from across the Five hundred worlds :P

Next post: Display pics of the little goblin and more on the NOVA minis. Thanks for watching and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :P


  1. Goddamnit!
    You made a video, and I gotta see it, which means I'll hafta use The Crazy Lady's computer.
    Stoopid compooter of mine won't stream video without choking to death.
    I swearz, Zab, if you get an airbrush, I'm gonna be so mad atchoo....

    1. Yeah, I have a couple of ABs and I'm only just getting used to them, but once you get it man does it go in leaps and bounds. If you check out my WIP thread on C'MON you'll see what I can do with those guns (and hate me that little bit more) I'm about 8 weeks behind here. I was wondering where you were :) I am fighting some bloody sickness too. Its not bad enough to take me out, but it does interfere with everything all the time. I'm at the point where getting worse looks good because it would mean I was getting closer to better, ya know? Get better soon (or check out my WIP thread and get bitter soon) :P

    2. I wrapped up my doctor's appointments this week, and there's nothing terribly wrong with me, except stress.
      Apparently it's not real healthy to be somewhat hyper active, to not eat properly and to work 60+ hour weeks for like 2 years straight.
      Who woulda thunk?
      Stoopid doctor nagged at me fer like an hour.
      I've got a follow up appointment in two weeks, and I'll be poked and prodded some more. Blah.
      My main issue was lack of sleep, which is brutal after a couple of months. I actually broke down and took the stoopid Ambien I was prescribed, but it did nothing to me.
      The doctor was surprised, until I spent 10 minutes explaining what kind of chemicals I was putting in my body for like 20 plus years...I actually made the man facepalm hisself.
      'You've managed to pass your stress on to me.'
      Then my work here is done. Now tell me what I gotta do to get some sleep.
      'Proper diet and lifestyle change.'
      No, seriously...
      'Yes, seriously. And stop smoking.'
      ...I mighta started a 'Don't you judge me' kinda rant at that point...

      The Crazy Lady went shopping just now. Let me go get some food (-_-) and hop on her computer while she's not lookin.'

    3. Awesome video, man.
      'Yellow Snow' and 'Baby Poop' may just be the funniest names I've ever heard used to describe paint colors.
      And using 'Stone' to paint stones? Genius!
      Gotta admit the lil' Night Goblin model has some cool features, and looks like fun to paint- sometimes I forget that Warhammer Fantasy models are, in many cases, more interesting visually than their 40k equivalents. Lots of cool detail on that guy, and enough 'area space' to add personal touches on. Really well balanced fig.

      Loved the music, too.

      Aces, man...aces.

    4. Stress is a seriously bad thing. I have a friend at work who is on sick leave for 6 months due to chronic fatigue syndrome due to stress. Before our company was bought by a bigger company I was having serious health problems from stress. Now we have new bosses with new management styles and low and behold my health is better than ever - germs brought home by the little one not withstanding -_- I hate to side with the squares, but do what your doc tells you ;) Glad you liked the video, maybe you can use those tricks on some of your zombie guardsmen blobs!

    5. I gotta look up those secret weapons washes...cuz I was thinking the exact same thing!
      Gotta write a post today, cuz I'm feeling frisky again.
      Hope to see you there!
      And...thanks fer the nag.
      I know, bro.
      I'm trying.

  2. Excellent work, Zab! Nice job with the video. Painting a model with washes. Wonderful.

    1. Thanks! Its fast - it won't win any awards, but they look pretty nice for gaming :)

  3. Nice video! Who would have thought of painting a mini with just washes. Brilliant. Moreover the minis look really nice after painting ... or is it washing? ;)

    1. Thank you. I know right? Not sure it will work with other brands, but I'd be curious to see what people can do with GW, Vallejo and others.

  4. Just checking in on your WIP Zab. It's BloodFather from CMON. Good stuff here!

    1. Hey bud! I am several weeks behind C'MON here on the blog, but I do tend to have more content, pics and step by step posts. Thanks for stopping by :)


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