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Friday, June 27, 2014

WIP: Helion Rain - Scout Basecoats & More Future Projects

Time to start laying down the mid tones. Colors for picture above after the break...

These guys will be pretty drab given the Raven Guard predilection for stealth.
The greys , brown, green and metal will all get darker while the bone shadow color will come up almost to white.
A few other projects have crept into the mix too.
One is a giant squig for a friend from C'MON who custom sculpted it from scratch while the dawrves are for a mini paint & exchange with a few other C'MONers. Once I get through the NOVA scouts I'll be tearing into that squig with gusto. I'm a little excited because it's my first larger scale model XD
Speaking of NOVA scouts...
Got my secret weapon bases and went to town. These were so cool I actually bough a couple of spare sets on top of the freebies we were sent for the NOVA project! If you like 'em snap them up here.  Half of all profits go to charity!
Thanks for the super easy and effective palette on those Mr. Dave Taylor! I'll be adding snow once everyone is mounted on their bases. Won't be long now!!!

Next Post: I get all excited and start in on the dwarves and squig o_O I may be getting burned out on scouts... maybe. Thanks for joining me again, browse that blog roll for cool blogs, hit me with any comments below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah! It's a custom sculpt too from one of the talented C'MON dudes. I just started prepping the base for the big bastard a few days ago...

  2. That squig looks promising. I first fell in love with that creature when I first saw him in a cutscene on the Warhammer Online software. By the way, that black grey looks great, really smooth.

    1. Thanks! The black grey is a must from vallejo as is their ivory. Both are very creamy and blend like butter :)

  3. Can't wait for the giant squig! ;) Scouts look good too, interesting to see how you do blacks in the end - it's my least favorite color to paint :P

    1. me too! I will likely shade down from the dark grey they are at now using glazes of blue and black and purple.


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