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Friday, July 25, 2014

NOCF WIP: Assembly & Basing

Tools of the trade for pinning minis to resin bases pictured above. Scouts on bases below...

 Then I noticed the shortshot on on one scouts wires leading from his gun to his pack. Grrrr, must fix!
 Good, good. No one will ever know.
Okay now to seal before we do all the glossy snow and what not...
Not very observant for scouts :( HE"S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!! NO! NO! BEHIND YOU! ~sigh~ They are so dead.
Time to make it snow.
Wear a mask & gloves when working with crushed glass!  Pics...
 And last, but not least there needs to be some gore under that Stealer head. This isn't Disney. Aliens bleed when they die -_-
All done! I get some display pics up over the coming weeks so you can see more details and less harsh reflections :)
I also found a great exotic wood shop near where I live and picked up some cool wood for a few bases.
Turns out hard wood is very heavy and, well... hard. I have no idea what I'm going to use to cut that African black wood, but I'm sure Lowes will have some kind of cool blade for the task.

Next post: Display pics of Telion and the scouts squads! Thanks for following along, hit me up in the comments and remember; if you can smell the crushed glass, you're already bleeding internally :)