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Friday, July 11, 2014

WIP: Giant Squig and Dwarves - Airbrushing the basic tones

Every one starts with a different base tone and then we see what happens...

Highlights happen, that's what. Kind washed out the under tones, but we'll put them back later.
 Now for the squig which gets a seriously drab undertone that will affect the reds of it s skin...
 Trust me, this will keep the reds from being too saturated and give me a guide for my shading...
 And some work on his teef too...
A little bleeding gums action. never thin your paint to a wash like consistency or it pulls away from the recesses when sprayed - unless you have something planned later to take advantage of that effect ;)
Pretty thrilled with the new Badger. Not a lot of difference between the Velocity and Patriot in terms of cone size and spray attributes, but there is enough that I can see the Velocity replacing the Patriot as my new workhorse for smaller minis that need subtle blend and closer airbrush work.
I did the inside of the scouts cloaks. It was going to be red but that just stuck out too much so i went with cooler tone to keep with the polar defense type feel of the battle for Macragge.
 I may have added some details to the insides of the cloaks to make them fancy like the boys in blue tend to be. I can see them sporting reversible cloaks just in case they need to look parade fresh for a surprise inspection.
In other news I'll be hitting the Hold The Line mini convention here in T.O. tomorrow. I'm going to enter a few of my pieces to the painting comp, bring the family and see if I can meet some local folks and buy more minis to paint. Should be fun!

 Next Post: Making that blue armour looks nice (before we make it look battle worn). Thanks for having a look! Hit me up with any questions, comments or critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)