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Friday, July 04, 2014

WIP: Squig & Dwarves - Prep

Man do I need a break from scouts, scouts and more scouts. Too help keep me in a painting mood I decided to start work on the Squig and dwarves from last post. I started with some very bad sketches of what I want each too be based with...

I even went to the trouble of figuring out how to spell our screen names in dwarven runes for the C'MON mini exchange - that's how burnt out I was looking at scouts o_O
Anyway, onto the prep. I gathered some basing material.
Then I set to work prepping and priming.
 Now to get ready to test that new Renegade airbrush against the 'ol Patriot...
Work doesn't stop on the scouts though...
I still had my colors out from doing the bases and decided to plow right into the camo cloaks! Same colors and I even mimicked the patterns from the bases here and there.
 Now the bases will have some crushed glass snow on them so of course the cloaks got a stippling of snow (which is way over exposed here - sorry, still getting used to the new WIP camera).
 Sharp eyed folks will see where we are going with the cloaks in the next post ;)

Thanks for indulging my hobby ADHD. Hit me up with questions and comments below and remember; you can't spell scouts without a bunch of scouts for scouting ~ugh~  :P


  1. Nice! Man, those cloaks are looking fantastic! Looking forward to seeing some more squiggy goodness, looks like that's going to be a fun project. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks man! he's a big fella (54-72mm) but the base and stuff still has to be 28 mm so that he registers as big.

  2. Without his fangs the squig looks almost like Ghostbusters' Slimer. ^_^ Really looking forward to seeing you paint him. Nice workstation by the way.

    1. I never noticed that before, pretty funny! Thanks, benefit of a flooded basement last year - a remodel of the hobby room and some new desks and chairs for me and The Lady Inquisitor ;)


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