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Friday, August 29, 2014

WIP: Display Bases - Ground Work Part 1

First we should protect those nicely stained bases then start building up the details...

Giant squig base is going to be big, really big!
 By contrast the Dwarf bases will be small, but hey, they're small. Rocky shores of NZ, mean streets of TO and The Dock Of The Bay...
The RT era base is going to be a blasted wasteland of the second war for Armageddon...
 A tip for working with cork: waste not want not.
That will all come in handy as various sizes of ballast later :)  You can also make terrain features like stalactites and stalagmites of out assorted cork stoppers and toothpicks...
Time to start smoothing some of the corky texture away or else it looks like cork a bit too much. Cue the lightweight polyfilla!
While I wait for the first layer of that to dry I figured I would sculpt the water for the rocky shore base...
Okay, now I was out of room once again waiting for stuff to dry so I went and collected a few items for future details. A little gardening got me some roots, rocks and sticks for the cave of the giant squig.
 Also, a recent family trip to the beach  got me some nice sand with a cool texture and this pretty rock that The Agent of Chaos likes so I may have to make it into a necklace or some such - it's not all grimdark and monsters here o_O
Well, even the sand has to dry so I think this is a good place to stop.

Next Post: Adding more detail to suggest scale and sculpting mushrooms.  Thanks coming by. Hit me up in the comments and remember, you can't spell paint with out a little pain :)


  1. That little sign with the skulls on top of moar skulls on the RT era base is the most awesome bit I've ever seen.
    Jeez yer hobby area makes me jealous.
    What DON'T you have in there?

    1. Thanks! It was part of the cities of death stratgem set. They had some awesome things in there. Ya know back when GW was cool like that. What I don't have in that room is enough time to build and paint everything. Stoopid time...

  2. Beautiful work on those bases, Zab. It's great to see the raw materials and WIP pics, in case I ever want to try something like this.

    1. Thanks! Exotic Woods (Not a word here Synn!) in Burlington is where I got some really nice stuff to work with so if you ever want to make your own really nice hard wood bases a 25min trip west of the city is well worth the drive ;)

  3. That looks like a lot of work ... the inner 'Richard Watterson' in me is protesting on principle. ^_^ Fantastic behind the scenes photos ... keep them coming please.

  4. Nah, making display plinths is actually a lot of fun! Doesn't feel like work at all, ya know, except for the sanding and staining... and sanding... and staining... and sanding...~sigh~ Yeah, I'm glad that's behinds me :P

  5. Looking good budy! cant wait to see the Cave! MAwhahaha


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