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Friday, November 28, 2014

WIP: Large Scale Anime Style Vampirella

So this is a new genre for me. Large scale anime kit. I was taking part in a friendly online Halloween contest on C'MON. Much like Sleeping Chibi this was a good way to stretch my skills...
First thing to know about these kits. PREP IS EVERYTHING. There was a ton of flash mold lines and bubbles.
 This one may be a recast though. I can't recall what I paid. Here are a few tips: 1/2 the cost of the Japanese kit? Recast. Photo copied instructions and art work? Recast. Plain brown box? Recast. You get the idea.
Anyway, liberal amounts of various fillers and sanding are to be employed. Safety first: Wear a mask.
 I still have to fill the arm joints with apoxie sculpt and - look at that, there is a bubble I missed next to her eye on the left there -_- Then I just have to add details to the base and prime then sand and fill any areas I missed, re-prime... ugh. You have do it at this scale, you can't let anything go or it will show up later as a glaring mistake. I have so much more respect for the guys and gals who work on these kits. I think my airbrush and pigments may end up being useful for this one...

Next Post: More prep on this lady, most likely :P  Thanks for stopping by, leave me your thoughts and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain - and a crap ton of filler and sanding apparently...


  1. Replies
    1. She's a total Bee-atch. At least this incarnation of her. Everything goes wrong from here on out and I almost threw her in the garbage in frustration. I didn't, but I came closer than on any other kit in my life.

    2. Definitely a recast then. I remember getting my mega dread for 60 bucks. I was so happy. Then the pain started. Super glue wouldn't work. I ended up using something akin to 36 magnets to hold the beast together.

      I have to say though Zab...when I do my comment thon, I just hit up every freaking blog roll and go through them all. I was so excited when I saw the vampirella was on your blog, you don't even know :).

    3. Yeah, It's hit or miss on eBay, so for the larger scale kits I try to stick with buying directly from the companies, but she has been OOP for a while.

    4. You might try e2046. I've had no problems with kits I've gotten from them, although I admit it's been a few years.

    5. Thanks! I know e2046 quite well. Samus Aran is waiting for me to get to her in fact. Some kits though aren't carried by them . This one in particular is very old so it may have been the real deal, but it had that yellow foul smelling resin that makes you suspect recast when you sand it :)

  2. That's a really cool looking miniature. I still can't get my hands on any anime miniatures of a larger scale though as those in my collection comprise only the Super Dungeon chibis. :(

    1. Well the biggest supplier of large scale kits is e2046, but they can get pricey. Stick with the chibis for now, they are way less frustrating :)


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