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Friday, November 14, 2014

WIP: RT era Mini Exchange

Last time we saw these guys they had been base coated and had decals applied. now it's time to make them look better, or worse...

Sponge chipping.
 I usually keep my minis cleaner, but the 2nd War for Armageddon was a brutal one even for the Space marines involved. Let's put these guys in SITU...
Base mids and highs.
Base shaded.
Base damage.
A little sealer to kick those powders and streaks back a bit.
Finished :P
Fast and FUN! I hope Jake from Paint and Destroy likes it!

Also, heads up on an imminent giveaway heading into the xmas season over at Allies of Convenience!

Next post: Display pics of this little project! Leave me your questions, comments and critiques below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. Wow that's great Zab! I really enjoy your work, you do some fantastic jobs with your chips and grim streaks. Very realistic! Especially on the ultramarine...they are basically 3D!

    1. Thanks! I love the classic sculpts, especially now that i can do them justice!

  2. Phenomenal work, man! Love seeing old models get a new time in the sun - as usual the weathering is jaw dropping, simply beautiful.

  3. Oh i have some really old stuff in the cupboard of endless kits. How about a MK1 metal dread and a MKi suit of Metal terminator armor? Maybe some space crusade marines? Or some metal scouts and tyranid warrior from the RT era? Perhaps the metal version of ragnar or the first version of Lilith hesperax? So many cool retro mini to paint up...

  4. Classic Beakies.
    Gawd they were hysterically awesome.

    They look amazing.

    1. I know right? We're wearing the same armour, but our look is wildly inconsistent. And they had names too if I'm not mistaken. Thanks man. You have fun not buying nids. But aren't you a bit tempted by the new one with all the tentacles?

  5. I don't really like to self advertise, but, this is a message to you Zab. I would like it very much if you entered into the give away, that kicked off today on my blog. It is a random draw, so I can't guarantee you will win anything, but I would like to return the favor, and give you a heads up.

    Thanks, Jevans.

    1. Thanks man, I'm a huge Cain fan so I've read that one, but I'll keep my eye out for your other giveaways :)

    2. Aye... they are good books. :) Any you are interested in?..... as i've still got a bit of budget left. (ONCE AGAIN THIS IS STILL NO GUARANTEE)...

    3. Nah, I'm pretty up to date with BL releases. I'll chime in if i see something :)

  6. Three words ... simple yet effective ... brilliantly done ... ok it was five.


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