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Friday, December 05, 2014

WIP: More Vampirella Prep

Trying a new way to stain bases for Vampirella. Turned out nice. And yes, I am still prepping the big lady. This is a daunting scale to work in...

Found some brass etched leaves I want to add to the scene to help that sense of movement and wind in her hair.
I also added some texture to her base too.
Now the leaves to make it look windy.
And a few off her fingers like she's reaching for the life she used to have, but it just keeps slipping away. Poor, poor Vampirella :(
Then I primed her. Mistakes were made. You'll see in the painting process later -_-
 Also, a few minis arrived and may at some point make a cool little vignette I shall call "The Dance"
I'll stop here, sleep calls.

Next Post: Painting begins on Vampirella! Thanks for stopping by, hit me up in the comments and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. Looking forward to this Zab. Your bases are an absolute inspiration! Sorry you are going to have eventual issues with your painting of her. I can only imagine what is going to happen and I feel the incoming pain!

    1. It is my first big kit so I'll call it a learning experience, but it still smarts when the old ego takes a beating by your own hands :P Me:"I'm an awesome painter, I can do anything!" Fate: "Oh really..."

    2. miniatures fight me. I finished a scarab base last night, then my shirt caught it on the table, and it flipped and fell on the floor (scarab down), of course requiring rework and glue.

      I think we are our own worst enemies sometimes!

  2. What Greg said ... your bases are a class above. I seriously need to break from my usual sad routine of gluing some grasses to dirt. As for the vignette ... I await your master's touch as they will need a proper stage for their dance.

    1. Thanks! Basing can be fun, get a bunch of cheap wood blocks a just try basing with different things you find around the place. It's just like mini painting only you can be messy and it give it s natural look. Here s fun exercise: build 3 really nicely detailed bases and then try to find minis that suit them and paint them using the palette from your base mixed into the colors of the mini that goes on each!

    2. That is a great challenge! I just find your bases so inspiring because they showcase how vertical you can be.

    3. It was a challenge another mini painter suggested when i was struggling with my basing. You know, massive voodoo has a basing category in their bananalicious contest this year? Might be a good excuse to build something crazy and paint it up!


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