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Friday, December 12, 2014

WIP: Vampirella - Blocking in the colors

Had trouble priming her and the air brushing of her skin was too subtle to show in pics so it looks like the primer coat did. Yay. This one is frustrating me. It'll be mainly pics of colors and the mini for this post...

The colors I used for her skin (not that you can see them):
I also did the base with the air brush...
 I masked that before I did the skin (see invisible colors at top of post)
After not being bitter about the bad primer and invisible skin colors I moved onto blocking in the boots. Gave them some texture with stippling. I'm sure that will disappear later too. Not bitter though.
 Then I worked on her hair.
 I blocked in her dress and gold parts next. Forgot to take pics of the colors though. Still not bitter.
Next were her eyes and lips and teeth.
 LATER WHEN I FIX HER SKIN - Which I am still not bitter about by the way - I will go back and define her lips and eyes more so she doesn't look like a clown, but that will be last of all since I will probably get more spots of colors on her very light skin from other areas. Stupid skin. Stupid primer. Where was I? Right! The leaves were last for color blocking...
 There was lots of good reference martial this fall and a walk with The Lady Inquisitor and The Agent of Chaos took my mind off that awful priming and airbrushing that I am totally not bitter about.
~sigh~ So nice. Good place to stop.

Next post: Shades, glazes and highlights for the colors blocked in. Maybe I'll fix the skin too. Maybe. Comment in the comments where I will probably not be bitter. Oh well, you know what they say? You can't spell paint without a little pain :(


  1. Is it wrong that I chuckled and laughed as you got more bitter? Know that feeling buddy. Sometimes I swear the painting table just wants me to leave and go somewhere when you hear something fall on the floor, and realize it was your plate holding all your powders....
    No Cat...NO AWAY!

    1. I am glad I'm not alone, though still slightly bitter :P

  2. I'm sure some of that is just the photos being washed out a touch. On the closeup shots towards the end where there's some other colors to contrast against, I can see some of the subtle skin shading.

    Very cool work, mate!

    1. Thanks! I do some fun stuff with powders after to salvage what almost became a trash canned mini :)

  3. So...
    Waddaya gonna do with this model when yer done with it?
    Just, umm...curious, is all...
    *shifty xenos eyes*
    Also- what is your address, what room do you keep this model in, and what time do you go to bed?

    1. Oh you like her huh? Should I risk shipping another mini so soon after the trauma of the last one ? Hmmmm...

  4. That last photo was a nice one. Very lovely. By the way Zab, that shade of red on Vampirella's clothes was spot on ... perfect!

    1. Thanks! Despite everything going wrong with this one she turns out pretty nice later :)


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