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Friday, December 26, 2014

WIP: Vampirella Skin Redaux

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I promised shades and glazes, right? I may have blown through those without any pictures. Apologies. When I get in a paint related funk I sometimes paint my way out, but forget the pictures because I'm just free-styling. The good news is you can see the secret of how I averted disaster and therefore the destruction of this lady o_O Yes. I came so very close to smashing the crap out of her in frustration, but I reigned it in and boy am I glad!

I started with the colors at the start as a wash and glaze in the recesses and then some wet blending of the colors below.
Then I did a little bit more with these colors.
It was still really rough at this point so I decided to try something I saw a while ago, but never had the courage to try. It's called a pigment wash. What have I got to lose at this point?
This will be a bit wordy so bare with me here. Mix the blue with water and apply it into the recesses then let it dry. It's going to look like hell - don't panic.
Now, take a dry, firm sable haired brush and dust off the excess powder left on the mini. Draw away from the darkest shadows as this will create a natural blend. Then tidy up or fade out the edges with a damp brush (just water) kind of like a two brush blending. Again, working away from the edge of the powder to blend into the mid tones. Seal with a very light mist of matte coat.
Same process again, but with the white pigment on the highest areas of her skin. Again, let it dry and don't panic when it looks like this...
Mmmm chalky -_- Now brush off the excess with a dry brush and wet blend the white edges into the mid tones with a damp brush. Seal with a light mist of matte.
That's it for now. There is one last trick to it, but first I'll go back and tidy up details and glaze over some of the pigments that I couldn't get off the other areas - which I should have masked first - and of course there is the base.

Next Post: The base and black lining. This one is actually turning around! Questions, comments and critiques below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)