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Friday, April 24, 2015

Discussion: Guys VS Gals & Creativity

By Blue69Sapphire from Deviant Art
I don't do a lot of these, but I'm feeling chatty. This is not a who's better at painting or gaming guys vs girls type of post. Well, it is - but not that blunt. Men and women are different and I think the way they approach art is as different as everything else about us. I'm using painting examples here because that is what this blog is about, but really my question is going to boil down to creativity. Let's look at some examples (with links to their works)...

Ladies first. Below are incredible works of art by women.

Pepa's work is life-like.
By Peppa Saavedra from Putty & Paint
Ana's work is so intricate - in 28mm yet!
By Ana from Chest of Colors
Meg Maples is a master of 2 brush blending.
By Meg Maples from Putty & Paint
Sionid is new to the scene, but her style is already refined.
By Sionid from Putty & Paint
Onto the men. Again, amazing works of art...

Roman has a unique style that comes across in any scale or subject.
By Roman Lappat from Putty & Paint
Mattia balances colors and contrast on a knifes edge.
By Mattia Papleo from Putty & Paint
Raffaele Picca might actually be one with the brush.
By Rafaele Picca  from Putty & Paint

David Powell captures moments in time with bristles.
By David Powell from Powell's Painting Projects
There are a million others I could list. Enough stalling. It's not who is better at art. My question is who has the advantage when is comes to creativity?  I say women. They think differently and see the world in a way we don't. At least, men don't see it from a similar perspective until we get a bit more experience.  I think men have to try harder at creativity than women. Oh sure, the results can be equal or even superior depending on the project, but I think the effort men put into creativity is greater because it doesn't come as naturally as it does for women for a number of factors too long and complex to list in one post. So, am I full of what little birds are full of or am I onto something? What do you say? No fence sitting, bet hedging or doubled speak - pick a side and tell me why below...

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Next Post: Fun with monochrome! Have at it - and I'd love to hear from the women on this especially!

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    I wouldn't say one sex is more of anything than the other. Creativity may have a lot to do with how we were raised, our environment, and a million other factors. I don't think that sex is one of them.

    If I had to guess blind who made which piece you've displayed here I'd have no idea. And I've seen amazing artwork from guys and gals in untold numbers. If anything, I'd say I see more bloody, gunshot-to-the-face artwork by guys, and more unicorn-in-the-flowery-forest stuff by girls, but that's misleading cuz plenty of women draw comics of all kinds (including superhero joints), and I'm sure plenty of commercial artists making Hallmark unicorn-in-the-flowery-forest cards an' posters for tweens an' whatnot are men, so meh.

    This is kind of a dangerous post, Zab. I'm surprised to see you stup up like this, but leaning towards women was wise. All the white knight chumps will be all 'ermahgerd yesh men are scum' in the hopes a woman will pay attention to them, and any actual Terran Females that show up will hopefully nod and move on.
    Believe me this kinda thing can cause headaches.
    Good luck.

    1. Yeah I know This is going to be a touchy one. I'm not trying to be prince charming either. The ladies are tough enough to defend themselves. ALSO I didn't ask who's is better or which end result is better - I agree, they are all phenomenal works at the end of the process. I just wonder who has an easier time DURING the process. I say the ladies do because of how they are wired in their crazy lady brains. In addition, the dreamy kid one above is by a guy and the bloodied woman warrior with the spear is by one of the ladies so I'm not sure about your unicorn face shot theory. Also Magneto is by a female too so there goes the man boy comic theory too o_O I feel like you are still flinching from your fight with Lo or maybe its the PTSD from your last sexy minis post... Of course we'll see just how brave I am when the dust settles on this one! I picture the fetal position somewhere in my future...

      Thanks for being brave enough to get the discussion started:) Mind if I hide in your foxhole? I hear a weird whistling noise...

    2. Well yer welcome to hide in this ditch I dug, but the Fox hole is mine.

    3. I see what you did there. Lol XD

    4. *cue the sound of hoofbeats...*

      Actually, I reckon Sin's on the money with this one. Psych!

      There's probably some sort of biological, essentialist difference in how male and female brains are wired up, just 'cause there's a few different organs to manage and so on, but whether or not it has any meaningful effect on cultural production I'm not so sure. Socialisation has way more of a can to carry there, I think. If dudes have to try harder it's possibly down to us not being trained into a particular kind of thing, or being trained into doing it in a particular way, or something of that ilk.

    5. Yep, it seems everyone is leaning in the nurture direction. I think that may be it. I wonder if that will change with subsequent generations and how quickly. I still think that the ladies have a better EQ than men naturally and I think that affects their creative process. Men can develop theirs later with the help of life experience, but ladies I think have the edge right from the get go. Thanks for the comment Von!

    6. I think we really can't answer the question for another few hundred years, when sexuality is removed from the equation. (it won't happen in our lifetime, but you can see groundwork going down). Until then, we won't really know how much of it is genetic, or how much of it is nurture. Just consider how much trimming our brains due in late adolescence. It's absurd. Throwing out connections like horns at a metal concert. That trimming and "efficiency" shift is almost entirely based on nurture, not nature.

  2. Hmm where's my 10ft barge pole I'm gonna need that if I'm gonna touch this one

    Men and Women are hard wired differently for sure but creativity is an incredibly subjective and intangible concept so it would probably be best trying to nailndown what we mean by creativity before trying to assign gender roles too it

    OK I think I managed to not make a single conclusion so I'm gonna sign off before I get in trouble

    Is the anonymous section for the comments new If so thanks that is the only way I can comment on blogspots bloody blackberry tablet


    1. Wow! Are you classically trained or self taught? Either way that was some nice dancing around the question :P That's okay, you get blamed for enough so I'll let you off the hook this time ;)

    2. I learned to tap dance on the head of a pin at an early age :)

  3. I think this is more of a shift in upbringing then gender specific bias's. (nurture vs nature) In the past, many creative types of the male type may have been denied the opportunity to attend classes, and pushed towards more "income sustainable" job types. I myself was continuously pushed towards science fields, and kept away from artist expression until I eventually snapped sophomore year of college. In a contrast point, I know that society has (in the past) encouraged the creative expressions in the female type. (and continuing, kept the female type away from more traditional male type jobs).

    This of course is from the old line of thinking (about 40 years ago...fuck I'm getting old). This line of thinking has thankfully changed (Among lots of other archaic and barbarian thoughts), and I think we won't really see the fruits of those benefits for another 20 years or so, when the children of this generation reach maturity, and we just celebrate their works regardless of what type they came from.

    1. Agreed, and so whom do you think has an easier time of the creative process generally?

    2. Well I've never seen anyone beat James in color saturation, and he can paint like that, while chatting with you in real time...i shit you not. It's like watching magic.

      Meg makes blending look like a joke, then you try and do it, and it looks like poop.

      (oh btw Katie is awesome [sionid] she was in practically 50% of my classes and usually sat near me, super talented).

      Based on nature/nurture, I'd probably say females have an easier time of thinking non analytically, only because until recently, they were taught to express themselves more emotionally then males, so they have access to an entire subset of their brains most males suppress readily. Good book on that subject (if you are interested). Emotional intelligence.

    3. Yeah Katie made a clean sweep of CB this year too! Quite the unique style already :) I'll have to add that to my reading list as I love psych topics. Not that my EQ needs any work. Hell, I just take my feelings, squish them into a little ball and push them waaaaaay down inside!

  4. It's not the most catching book, but it does have a lot of info in it!

  5. I think it's more than just a gender issue. In most Chinese families, art is thought of (wrongly I might add imho) as a useless endeavour when it comes to earning a living. I once had a classmate who loved art but her parents forced her into a more 'practical' career like accounting. It was such a sad thing to see happen. I myself used to draw a lot when I was young as being poor meant a lot of my 'toys' comprised of pencils and stacks of paper my mum brought back from her office. But I soon gave up on my love for art out of fear that it could never be properly developed into a talent capable of earning money for the family. But I digress. To me, both genders produce great art. ^_^

    1. True, the end result is stunning from both sexes - but who has the edge during the creation of said art?

  6. Hey Zab, this is the first time I've commented here I think :)

    What do you mean by creativity? I think you have to answer that first.

    If I was going to pick a side I'd say that I think creativity is daring to experiment, kind of like that quote you had at the beginning. If that's true, then I reckon men and women generally have courage in different areas because society tells them they are good or bad at those things. So maybe men used to be the creative ones, back when society told women they were dumb, but now society tells us that women have emotional intelligence and men are logical, so women feel freer to be creative because that's seen as being intuitive. I don't think it's actually because of our brains, although we are different.

    And I agree with Sin, cover the names and there's no way I could tell you if a man or a woman did those models above.

    1. Yep, I can't argue that the end results favour neither gender. I think though that as you stated women have an easier time of the creative process. Again because men's EQ develops later and because that way of thinking effects how we approach art and problem solving. That said there are always exceptions to the norm and as stated by a few in the comments already i think the times, they are a changin'. They have been for a long while actually. Take my field for example. TV used to be a boys club. Now? I would wager 50/50 would be a conservative guess. Both genders can create amazing stuff, but still I wonder who has to try harder when they are making the art or is that completely irrelevant and just a case of personal experience?

    2. I think it's irrelevant. How does one even gauge the difficulty of art. Art is first and forthmost for the artist themselves. The byproduct of art is generally that others share in its creation and display, but that was never the point of the art to begin with. We do these things because we want to, because we love to, not because they are difficult or easy, but because we have a drive to put brush, tool, and fingers to work.

      The ease or difficulty of a thing has more to do with practice then any gender related bias. Every time we pick up a brush, we get a little bit better, regardless of what giggly bits we have on our bodies.

    3. I have a feeling you are right. Maybe what I am wondering is if the creative process is different for the sexes. I mean, every guy I know has had a "hulk smash" moment with a mini or kit, but I doubt many women have. Again the end result is based on trial error and experience which has pretty much nothing to do with gender, but i still think our gender colors how we execute the art and the ease with which we go through that process. All I need is couple million in grant money and some guy and girl artists...


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