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Friday, May 08, 2015

WIP: Monochrome Loka Pawns Complete

Continuing on from last time. I worked on the red next. WIP pics above, finished below...

Wet on wet is a very fast technique, but the in progress shots suffer for it ;)
Next up was yellow.
Seriously fast jobs here. Yellow, white and black - that's it.
Looking nice on the board.
That's it! Four hours, four minis. Wet on wet with the colors below...
 My favs are the blue and green, but they will all look great on the board with the other pieces. Only 32 more to go!

Next post: Display pics of these guys. Thanks for following along on this fun little exercise, check out the blog roll, leave me some comments and remember; you can't spell paint with out a little pain ;)


  1. Hey man looks good forgive my painting ignorance I'm not very talented with a brush and my paint jobs are best described as workman like but what's the advantage of wet on wet painting I've always been scrupulous about making sure one layer dries before adding another


    1. Speed and smooth blends. The trick is to not keep your paint too thin so it doesn't dry too fast and work quickly. On the flip side you don't want it too thick because you will get a texture too it.You don't want to work on half dried paint, that's why a medium helps to extend drying time. It takes a few minis to get it right and you have to plan ahead but once you are used to it it's got it's uses. Skin, large smooth curved areas of armour, I've even seen some really awesome painters do NMM with it in minutes O_o

  2. Great job I especially like the green one!

  3. Yellow and Blue are my favs...with blue taking the #1 spot, just because its so good it doesn't even look like a limited palette was used on it!

    +1 on master painters. Watching people like meg and caleb work is amazing. It's like huh? What? How?

  4. For me both green and blue are neck and neck for the top spot. Nice job Zab!

  5. I think they *ALL* look good. jeeze. well done.


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