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Friday, May 01, 2015

WIP: Monochrome Loka Pawns

A while ago CMoN was having a painting contest for limited palettes. I have wanted to paint up my Loka board games pieces forever and I have wanted to try a monochromatic paint scheme for a long time too. Two birds one stone? Yes please! *Note: No birds were hurt in the making of this post*

Normally I prime with my airbrush, but Vallejo can be brushed on in a few thin coats for test minis like these.
Then I selected the palette for each. Just black, white and one other color each.
Nope. That red is too orange. Swapped it out for this one instead.
Better. Now, let's begin with the green one. I used my palette with wells and did these very quickly with wet on wet. Each only took about an hour. Base coats and color blocking.
Shades and glazes and tinting and NMM.
All done.
Looks nice on the game board too.
I did the blue one next and took even fewer WIP pics. Sorry, I was really moving.
Looks cool on the board (pun intended).

These won't win any awards, but a whole set of Loka minis like this on the board will make the game better - to me - I can't stand bare plastic. What about you?

Next post: I'll warm things up with some yellow and red monochrome! Tell me what you think, check out the blog roll for new blogs and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)