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Friday, May 22, 2015

WIP: NOCF Armies: The Build

So by now you know I am helping out with the NOCF charity army build again this year. It's Sons of Orar Space Marines VS Eldar! I'm hedging my bets and working on a unit for both armies. I've teased a few things from the painting process up to this point, but now lets get into detail of how I do the building and painting. Boring grey plastic first!

I swapped out the metal scorpions above with Finecast ones to keep them from being top heavy on those nice Secret Weapon bases. The Finecast was actually... just fine o_O You could have knocked me over with a feather.
Next I clip all the pieces from the sprues and bag and tag them to keep things organized. This helps when you are magnetizing a lot of options like I am doing with these ones :)
The minis get cleaned, magnetized and assembled as much as possible...
Bolter drill.
Yes, all those options for the Sgt and special weapons are magnetized. Buy your tickets for the raffle now...
Exarch is magnetized too :)
 And now they are all ready for priming!
BTW, I highly recommend Badger's acrylic primers! I loved Vallejo and these are even better!!!

NOCF Charity raffle information (Go get some tickets):

The beneficiaries of this effort - Doctors Without Borders (DWB) -  
You DO NOT have to be present at the NOVA Open to win, they will ship the armies to anywhere in the world in sturdy, custom-cut, KR Multicases! 
There are other armies/collections in the works for 40K, Halifax, and Flames of War. Tickets purchased for each of these other armies benefit a variety of other charities including Fischer House, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

NOCF blog  -
NOCF website  -

Models and supplies for the armies being painted are provided by the sponsors below:
Atlantis Games & Comics (USA) -
KR Multicase (UK) -
Element Games (UK) -
Secret Weapon Miniatures (USA)-

Next Post: I begin to add color to all of these minis. Batch painting incoming, paging Dr. Air Brush... Thanks for stopping by, check the blog roll, post some comments and remember; you can't spell painting without a little pain :)