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Friday, June 05, 2015

WIP: NOCF - Details & Greens

I decided to warm up with a face. Since it's the focal point of a mini I can lavish attention on it. Here is how the SGT looks with out his helmet. You can see the colors I used below...

I just sort of went free form with wet on wet to make it look natural so I don't have a breakdown of what the colors were or their order, but you can see there were a lot.

Then I did the leather pouches with a very simple and easy set of colors. Layer them on from left to right. No need to be neat because the last step is 2 strong washes of agrax. Let each wash layer dry fully.

Next I touched up the helmets and lightly sketched in some scorpion designs on the helmets with the colors below. I'll come back to those later ;)
It was time to make that armour pop :) Notice the difference below? Just glazes.
Let's talk colors and technique...
Touch up and push contrast with the paints. Then start glazing. 1:1:2 Lamenters & Waywatcher & Medium over the whole thing. 2 - 3 coats let them dry fully each time.
1:2 Biel-tan & Medium 1-2 coats keeping away from the highest brightest points.
1:2 Coela & Medium 1 coat leaving mid tones from last step visible.
1:2 Druichii & Medium 1-2 coats in the deepest recesses.
1:1 blue black & medium for fabric on pants under armour. 1-2 coats
Here's how it all looks when you are done:
 A good place to stop.

NOCF Charity raffle information (Go get some tickets):

The beneficiaries of this effort - Doctors Without Borders (DWB) -  
You DO NOT have to be present at the NOVA Open to win, they will ship the armies to anywhere in the world in sturdy, custom-cut, KR Multicases! 
There are other armies/collections in the works for 40K, Halifax, and Flames of War. Tickets purchased for each of these other armies benefit a variety of other charities including Fischer House, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Next post: More NOCF WIPs and tips! Check the blog roll, leave me some comments, go buy some raffle tickets to win this army so you don't have to paint them yourself and remember: you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)


  1. Good progress! The head looks seriously angry ;) Mounted like this it looks like the talking heads from Futurama :D

  2. That head looks fantastic ... almost Mad Max like. Skin tone is also excellent. And I like the colour scheme you are using for the latter army.


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