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Friday, June 19, 2015

WIP: NOCF Eldar Final Details

I used the colors above to do the freehand. Lots of very thin glazes getting darker and darker as I went with the original helmet colors for touch ups as I went. I figured Eldar were fancy and would do freehand art on their helmets. More details below...

Very simple layering of the colors below and a basic wash to add a bit of blue and tie them back to their Craftworld brothers. Remember this is part of a bigger force ;)
Next up was gems. Bloody Eldar and their fancy baubles -_-
Basecoat Evil Sunz Scarlet. Small highlight of Troll Slayer Orange at the bottom side of each gem. Smaller highlight of Yriel Yellow, again at the bottom side of each gem. Next, build up glazes of Blue ink on the top most side of each gem until it is almost black over the red. Finally a white dot at the highest point of each gem.
 So much work, but they pop and look very fancy :P

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Next post: Lenses and Purity seals on the Marines! Thanks for looking, hit me up in the comments and remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. Oh man those are just gorgeous! I would never have considered using blue glazes in the gem painting process over the red, that is really cool - definitely going to give that a try!

    Lovely, lovely work man!

    1. Thanks! If you like that and are curious about color theory I recommend a book called Color by Betty Edwards. It's full of cool ideas and exercises. I have a pretty good handle on color theory thanks to my art classes in high school and even i had some moments of "holy crap" why didn't i think of that?!

    2. Ooooh betty edwards has a color BOOK? I love her drawing books!

      Added to my cart! Thanks Zab! Always great info in your posts and comments!

      That is also a technique James uses. Never use white or black, always find a color that can shade down, as it adds raw black/white is pretty rare in life.
      I find as time goes on, that is now one of my favorite techniques. Start off overly bright, then shade down. Lots of control, and a fun process!

    3. Thanks! Yeah her book on color was interesting and there we a few " that's so dumb. everybody knows that. I do that all the time - oh crap no i don't" moments while reading it. i really like James' technique and last week i learned some new tricks at Fernando's course too. He uses a similar technique to James but with a crap ton more retarder.

    4. The one crazy thing about James when he's painting, he jumps from model to model...just because he thinks the particular brown he's using on one sci fi model would look good on a wolf, or a viking, or some stone on a base for a robot. That man does not waste a lick of paint!

      Are you going to do a little overview of fernando's course?

    5. Yes a brief one because it's easy to put them into words but they don't convey the effect. You kind of have to see it live but once you have its a whole new way of looking at paint and it's properties. And contrast, you have to push your contrast with his technique to levels you simply aren't comfortable with to make it work :)

    6. Aye. No matter how much you read or see's never the same as in person. It's why I look forward to so many events...I love seeing everyones work in person!

  2. Good call on the helmet scorpion imprints. They add an excellent touch to an already well painted miniature so far. That you used thin glazes to gradually guild the image up lets me know you have the required patience to produce a great paint job.

    1. Thank you :) It doesn't take that long if you keep the paint thin and if you lack penitence a cheap mini hair drier can cut the drying time down to seconds ;)


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