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Friday, June 12, 2015

WIP: NOCF More Details (the tedious ones)

This one will be short. Ironic, since painting these details took the longest o_O Black, metal and gold finished above, colors used below...
So you'll notice I didn't use black until the wash stage. It's better to do that so that you can control how black you want your black to be. Shut up. It works. I used blue grey tones to keep it cool and didn't have to bee too clean since the black wash would blend a lot of the rough transitions. As a finishing touch I did a red-sh glaze. Believe it or not that step adds a lot of depth to a blue black :)
 I used the colors below for the gold on both the Marines and Eldar with one key difference. I based VMA Gold, then highlighted VMC Old Gold and finally VMC Old Gold & VMA Silver 1:1.  The marines got a thinned glaze of Seraphim Sepia and when that was dry a heavier glaze of Agrax Earthshade in just the recesses. The Eldar got a glaze of Sepia Wash and when that was dry they got a heavier glaze of Druchii Violet in the recesses.
 Same deal for the metal colors below. Both were used on the Marines and Eldar, but with different final washes. Leadbelcher, highlighted with Ironbreaker and VMA Silver. Marines got a wash or two of Nuln Oil and the Eldar got Armour Wash. I went back and re-highlighted with silver later during touch ups just to bring out shapes and details :)
Marines below...
Almost done with details, I swear.

NOCF Charity raffle information (Go get some tickets):

The beneficiaries of this effort - Doctors Without Borders (DWB) -  
You DO NOT have to be present at the NOVA Open to win, they will ship the armies to anywhere in the world in sturdy, custom-cut, KR Multicases! 
There are other armies/collections in the works for 40K, Malifaux, and Flames of War. Tickets purchased for each of these other armies benefit a variety of other charities including Fischer House, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Next post: More details! Hey, I said almost. Just gems, some freehand and blue on the Eldar ;) Check out the blog roll, hit me up in the comments and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!


  1. Gorgeous work, man! The time it took definitely paid off, love the shading on both units - the scorpions are looking particularly cool!

  2. Bloody good there Zab! hahahahaha

  3. Both squads are turning out excellent.

  4. Fantastically gorgeous blends there Zab. God these guys are going to look so awesome on the table! I'm excited to see them at Nova!

    1. Thanks, the full army pics are up on the nova site in PDF. More detailed shots to come for sure as we get closer :)

  5. All the stuff here is great but I particularly like how the boltgun turned out. The gold skull bits looks especially nice.

    1. Thank you! I've been having a good time with metals lately and gold has been a breeze since discovering scale 75 and vallejo air. Both are really great for golds!

  6. Hey, Zab did you go to the Fernando Ruiz workshop?

    I totally missed it! It was my children's dance recital on Tuesday and my mom's birthday on Sunday! Piss poor planning on my part and a $300 lesson to check the family calendar before clicking "OK" on the tickets.

    So bummed....

    1. It was a very long weekend, but holy crap I learned a lot! Fernando was very nice and funny as all hell too. I think once i get the hang of his style I will be able to crank out even more high end minis. Though it works best on large scales but I could see a few areas where i could apply it to 28mm figures too :) Sorry you missed it, hopefully there will be more workshops in Toronto in the future to take advantage of!

  7. you could have at least lied and said it sucked.. ;-)

    1. Well i do have to reevaluate a lot of what i thought i knew about painting so that kind of sucks. Does that help?


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