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Friday, July 31, 2015

NOCF Vignette & Other WIPs

So, while I was working on my part of the NOCF charity armies this year, I had a few other side projects going. Above is the start of one. A little vignette featuring a down on his luck Sons of Orar marine and a serious looking Harlequin. Let's see where this goes...

Got to have a themed display base for a vignette!
 Shurikens? Sure, why not?
 Now back to the vignette to sit on it... Shuriken riddled marine? Sure, why not?
 While that one dried, I finished prepping my Loka set and some Star Wars rebels minis I will paint up for The Agent of Chaos at some point.
 So lots of prep this time, but that just means lots of painting in the future! Hope you're as excited to see where all this goes as me :)

Also here is a cool little charity project for anyone interested: Little Heroes for Little Heroes. I kind of want to paint up my classic Harely Quinn for this one...

Next Post: Some basic tones on the vignette! Leave questions, comments and critiques below, check out the blog roll and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. Wow can't wait to see this complete. Great idea with the shurikens

    1. Thanks! I do love browsing the star wars/ninja turtles/gi joe aisle at Toys R Us :P

  2. The shuriken idea is absolutely brilliant! Keeping my eye on this one...well what am I kidding I love your work so I'm always here :)

  3. Que buena idea si señor
    un saludo

  4. I have never seen this shuriken on a base concept before. 100% originality ... looking forward to further progress on this project.

    1. Thanks! I just figured if I'm gonna theme the whole thing let's go overboard o_O


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