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Friday, July 10, 2015


These are the colors. Very simple. This should go swimmingly right? RIGHT?!

I had this idea to use some card cut outs and my Badger Renegade Velocity do do some color modulation on them...
It didn't happen. The Velocity wasn't cooperating - I should have seen it coming with a name like Renegade o_O It's cool. I did it the old school way with my Patriot and good old fashioned skill.
Nice. Now a little weathering powder to make it feel dusty.
I picked out that skull while I was at it. Just some Pallid Wych Flesh, Black and Steele Legion drab in a little wet on wet blending. Let's put everyone in their place shall we?
Look at all those magnetized options! Have you bought your tickets yet? Here is the rest of the squad...
Lets' not forget about those filthy xenos with magnetized Exarch.
I also had one random pad left over.
I painted one too many so you can win this with the army too. That put it over the top didn't it? I can practically hear the mad rush to buy tickets now! Here is a bunch of handy links...

NOCF Charity raffle information (Go get some tickets):

The beneficiaries of this effort - Doctors Without Borders (DWB) -  
You DO NOT have to be present at the NOVA Open to win, they will ship the armies to anywhere in the world in sturdy, custom-cut, KR Multicases! 
There are other armies/collections in the works for 40K, Halifax, and Flames of War. Tickets purchased for each of these other armies benefit a variety of other charities including Fischer House, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

NOCF blog  -
NOCF website  -

Models and supplies for the armies being painted are provided by the sponsors below:
Atlantis Games & Comics (USA) -
KR Multicase (UK) -
Element Games (UK) -
Secret Weapon Miniatures (USA)-

Next post: Display pics. Thanks for looking, it me up with questions, comments or critiques and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)


  1. Sweet! Those bases look great, and the mini's on top look even better. A good basing scheme really draws a model and unit together, and I can never look at a mini and appreciate it fully until it is based. Great job man (and soo many magnetising options, awesome)

    1. Thanks! Yeah somebody is gonna get a nice army :)

  2. Fab stuff man! What did you use as an adhesive for the pigments on the bases?

    1. Thanks you. I set them with a mix of mainly water with a little bit of matte medium. Also, they we secured again when I clear coated them later.

    2. Ahh, thank you! I've heard of people using everything from white spirits to watery pva glue!

      It looks really effective, I'll have to buy some AK stuff and give it a try on a model =)

  3. You know I had the same problem with the badger lately. Grey primer, keeps clogging. White and black works fine. No idea why! I really like the way the primer lays though, much nicer then the vallejo stuff (which was too thin for my taste).

    Bases look great! Not too much longer when I can actually see these armies :)

    1. Yeah, you know i noticed a lot of spluttering with the grey too. I guess it's a bit thicker, I bought a three pack that had all three and then realized that i could have just gotten black and white which spray fine and made my own grey by mixing o_O Of course I did get a deal for buying the three pack so now i just use the grey as a brush on and if i want a grey for primer for the AB i just mix one to a shade of my liking from the white and black :)

    2. I got the exact same three pack from amazon :). I really liked the black and the white, not so much the grey...though sometimes the white is a bit fickle and I've got to thin it down some.

  4. The bases complement the miniatures very well, especially the space marines with the red/white colour scheme.


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