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Friday, August 14, 2015

Testing: A New Line of Paints

So a new line of paints in being made by a fellow artist on CMON. I got my hands on a set of 10 colors to help test and give feedback. They will be perftec for painting up the Star Wars Rebels set The Agent of Chaos talked me into purchasing and painting for her. It's a victory for everyone I assure you o_O

First up is Chopper:
I decided to test some W&N varnish too to see how it behaves and to see how the new paints take to sealants. Pre-varnish:
Post varnish:
Aces! No drastic color change or bleed. No frosting either :) I did up Kanan next:
 Even an in between gloss coats seem to agree with the new paints!
I like the new paints. They work well with other brands, thin well and take varnish well too! I will continue to use them on these minis and you can purchase them here: Warcolors.

Remember that you can still buy tickets for the NOCF raffle to win fully painted armies too! Proceeds go to Doctors Without Boarders and there are 4 armies to choose from. Two 40K, one FOW and one Malifaux, so there is something for everyone! You don't have to attend to win and you can live anywhere on the planet. They will ship the army to you in a custom KR case! Seriously! You could spend as little as $1 and win a completely painted ready to play army!!!

For tickets go here:
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Also, here is a fun charity initiative if you are looking to contribute your skills to one: Little Heroes For Little Heroes

Next post: More Fun projects like my Loka set and these minis and Massive Voodoo Paint box :) Hit me up in the comments and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)