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Friday, August 07, 2015

WIP: NOCF Vignette First Colors

Here comes the paint for this one! Beakies first because xenos are filthy -_-

Base coat and colors.
 Here is the palette for the Sons of Orar details:
Leather and eyes first.
 Paper and wax next.
 Metal and black.
 Hoses and Joints.
 Next time I get back to him I'll start to refine the red with these colors
and get some insignia roughed in on the shoulders.

Oh and, check out this cool charity initiative: Little heroes for Little Heroes  Finally an excuse to paint your favorite hero from your to do shelf!

Next post: WIPs of some Star Wars Rebels minis for The Agent of Chaos as I help to test out a new line of mini paints! Thanks for looking, comment below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)


  1. Zab,
    When you paint like this, are you painting for the final placement, as in, not painting the part that is pressed into the putty? Or do you flip the model around as you paint, etc! Looking good, I'm just always curious how everyone works!

    1. Yes, i keep final placement very much in mind and after each set of colors i even tack the mini together and check to make sure my shadows and highlights are in the right places. I do flip the model around to place shadows and tack it in different ways to get at spots i can't reach. It's weird but for display minis it has to be done. I you get a feel for it quickly and and space marines are just second nature to me. I have to slow down for other models and assemble them as much as possible. I a pretty sure i could paint a marine in pieces and put him together after and he would look fine. That is how well i know beakies o_O

    2. Thanks zab. I'm a bit drunk right now, but appreciate your awesome response none the less. Thanks to autocorrect this is a covert statements.

  2. Hmmmm ... the way he is lying down, the space marine kinda reminds me of a Playboy centerfold model. LMAO Er-hem ... not that a distinguished gentlemen such as myself would ever look at such magazines. D'oh! Good progress so far by the way.

    1. LOL! Sexy Space marine?! Looks like I've found my next Hallowe'en costume!!!

  3. Very nice. Can't wait to see it finished. Especially the jester


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