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Friday, September 18, 2015

WIP: Candied Skull

The Agent of Chaos has been after me for ages to make her a Candied Skull. After the whole Star Wars Rebels debacle I am powerless to stop her. Let's follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole shall we?

The client in question & her shelf in my display case -_-  How the hell did that happen?! ~sigh~ Powerless.
Hmm... it appears she likes lots of bright colors. I'll keep that in mind for later... Onto the WIP!!!
African Blackwood base. It cuts nice and smooth, almost polished without doing anything o_O Weird this is going well...
 Okay, plinth is ready. Onto the skull. Paging Dr. Airbrush!!!  Paints used below...
 Masked and highlighted...
Looking a little washed out, time to add some shading back in. Switching to bristles...
Good. Now what about our palette. Bright colors right?
Ach! My Eyes! The Goggles do nothing!
Deeper down the rabbit hole we go. Better practice before i ruin this and have to strip it.
 Now with the brush and more scaled down drawings...
 Okay. Let's do the freehand. Bristles and colors below (and copious amounts of chamomile tea to keep me relaxed and my hand steady)...
Ration from Left to right 2:1:1:1 plus water and retarder to improve flow.
Here we go!
So far so good...
YES! Very girly now for some colors. I narrowed it down a bit...
Ach! My Eyes! The goggles do Nothing!
Ready? Poof!
So pretty.

Done. So what happened to all that practice and everything? Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and throw plans out the window. It looks great mounted on the base too! The important thing is that the "client" is very happy with her Pretty Skull :)

Next Post: Display pics of this hippy dippy psychedelic skull o_O  Thanks for clicking by, check out the blog roll and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!


  1. This was a really exciting post! I was so excited scrolling down. More...More...MORE. Do a candied servo skull!

    1. You joke, but a guy i know on CMON is gonna try and do a 32mm skull like this to one up me. That would be awesome!

  2. Now that looks fantastic! I can see you applying all this freehand work on a future masterpiece. :)
    Wait a minute ... isn't that a Naruto leaf village symbol at the top of the skull? If it's not I guess I am reading way too much of my son's manga! ;)

    1. Yes, expect more freehand on things in the future :) To my knowledge it's not a Naruto symbol but I could be wrong since I have very little knowledge of that show :)


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