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Friday, October 09, 2015

WIP: NOCF Vignette - The Final Details

EEsh. Let's put this one out of it's misery. We've toyed with it long enough - like a DeathJester toying with a lone veteran Sons Of Orar Spacemarine. I used Fernando's cool wet technique on the blacks with the colors above. You can see the nice smooth look on the legs after the jump...

Now some white with a blue under tone...
Now the beginnings of the diamonds on the cloak... I block them in first with these colors:
Then I add depth with some glazes:
 Now some shading to bring it all closer and give it a uniform tone and black lining to make it pop...
The rest is all the same color palette so I'll just skip to the Shrieker Cannon :)
 Now some marble...
Nice marble right? Here's how I do it:

I basecoat with steel legion, then I add a few drops of retarder to the other colors and add them one at a time in a wet on wet style. 

You want the subsequent paints to be sightly translucent and unload your brush a little first. 

Then apply the paint in steaks going in the same direction and twirl your brush as you drag it across the surface. The lighter the colors the thinner the veins and make sure they overlap and cross a bit too. 

Once you have the general veins the way you like them you move onto the the washes, but you have to let the paint with all that medium dry first (a hair dryer will help if you are impatient). 

Okay now comes the magic, take your wash and apply it in very heavy pooling streaks across your veins, again crossing and overlapping. 

When you are done placing the last one rinse your brush off and unload it so it is a little damp and begin to brush up some of those pools and clean them up with the damp brush. You will find that the outer edge of the pools has already dried leaving a very natural looking vein pattern while the middle is much softer blended.

Let each color of wash dry before moving on the next one (again, hair dryer if you are impatient).

Last take a liner brush and thin down some white and drag little veins next to some of the more prominent edges of other colors 

Back to the Death Jester...
And with his head:
Now let's add the powders and his victim:
Mount them on the plinth and it's done!

BIG NEWS! Our Local figure club (Southwestern Ontario Figure Club) will be having our first ever figure show and competition here in Toronto Nov 21st! Please come out and support us if you are in the area!!!!!

Next post: Display pics!!! Thanks for stopping in and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. Holy hell - that looks spectacular! Absolutely beautiful work, man!

  2. Fuckin great work on the Harlequin cloak dude! That is impressive stuff =)

    1. Thanks! i never want to paint Harlies again for some reason o_O

  3. Nicely done, buddy! Love your marble.

    1. Thanks! It's shockingly fast and easy to do. Now i see why James likes to do so many marble bases :)

  4. Looking really good! You should do a mini tutorial on the usage of pigments e.g. how to apply them for the benefit of pigment noobs like me. :)

    1. Thanks, and that's a great idea! Next time i break out the pigments I'll snap more pics and do a little tutorial or maybe a video :)

  5. Like the technique on the checks. Seems like a great way to get nice clean checks without a trip to the mental institute. :)

    1. No man, it was still crazy. I think it was mainly how the model was split and i had to paint it in pieces and then assemble and touch up the pattern. Honestly because of how they are broken up i am not too exited about tackling any more harlies because the patterns are hard enough to do without having to carry them across separate piece you can't reach fully assembled. Thanks though :)


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