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Friday, October 02, 2015

WIP: NOCF Vignette - Marine Final Details

Oh man. This one has dragged on like some kind of horrible campaign on a doomed Craftworld o_O  Above I added the decals as guides for my freehand work. After the jump you can see how I paint over them...

Okay let's tackle that armour! Lot's of back and forth with these colors:
 Now we deepen with glazes pf these colors:
The white armour was done with these colors:
 Now we crank red & white right up with a few glazes in place with white:
 Time to wreck it all with some chipping, streaking and blood (and some very slight OSL on the lenses)...
 Let's make it look like he's fired his weapons too:
That went by quick, you know, except for the giant gap since the last WIP o_O Shut up -_-

BIG NEWS! Our Local figure club (Southwestern Ontario Figure Club) will be having our first ever figure show and competition here in Toronto Nov 21st! Please come out and support us if you are in the area!!!!!

Next Post: We finish this project! For real. Thanks for checking out the post, hit the blog roll and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. I still love how you managed to make his pose look realistic seeing that when I look at the space marines I have, I then have no idea how to pose them to look like how you did. All joking aside on him being a 'centerfold model' in my previous comments, this is seriously good work Zab. :)

    1. Thanks man but i can't take credit for the sculpt. it is an older metal model from GW. I think you can still get them on the website though.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! How's the tank of a billion golden rivets coming?

  3. I was in the neighborhood so I stopped to check out Hornet Hobbies. What an awesome store! Added bonus: seeing you lurking in the basement :-)

    1. I thought i recognized you :) pardon my rudeness. I was there, but in my mind i was worrying about one of our 12week old kittens. Short story, fever, subcutaneous saline shot, antibiotics, upper respiratory infection. Blarg. On a positive note, We are having our clubs first figure show here in Toronto! Nov 21. you should come out. I'll be advertising it here for the next 2 months


    2. Sorry to hear about your kitten, hope all goes well. I might come and check out your show, (but with my track record...)

    3. Nonsense! That was an oddly well attended meeting. Most are half that if we're lucky :) Life makes hobby meets hard. The little guy will be okay in a day or two once the meds kick in and his fever breaks :) I haven't lost a kitten yet!

    4. Sorry to hear about the kitten Zab. I feel for you. I got my first cat render, and within a week he got an eye infection. 1000 dollars and dozens of specialist trips later, he was ok!

    5. Thanks :) He woke up last night around 9 and started to eat and play. The meds are working and he's just fine now!


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