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Friday, November 06, 2015

On Display: Harley Quinn

Hiya Puddin'! I'm ready for my close up :D

 This is one of the smallest minis I have done ever o_O  I may have a bit more of an insight into her insanity after that... anyway, voting links:

BIG NEWS! Our Local figure club (Southwestern Ontario Figure Club) will be having our first ever figure show and competition here in Toronto Nov 21st! Please come out and support us if you are in the area!!!!!

Just a quick note:
The Little Heroes Charity Fundraiser has been extended until Nov 27th! So if you thought you had missed out on it you can still get in!

Next Post: Maybe more Loka minis and let's not forget about Big Harley :)  Throw me some votes and comments and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. Love it! There's something to the model that says 'Yeah, this is me.'

  2. Great looking model, really cool base too.

  3. Stunning! Love the simple colours brilliantly executed, and the contrast of the base to the model. Great stuff dude

  4. I do hope Harley gets a good bid on the auction. It's a wonderful piece as I've said before.
    I'm just glad I never met any gal as crazy as Harley. Imagine have a girlfriend or wife or is a combination of the antagonist in MISERY and the JOKER all in one devastating package.
    "Are you going out again dear? Who are you going out with? What friends?" then wham! bham! there goes both your kneecaps.

    1. self edit: "having a girlfriend ... wife who is" (sorry, the grammarphobe in me can't resist)

    2. Thanks! She was fun to work on and it was a challenge to make her look crazy and not just silly.

  5. Looks good! Just catching up on my feeds now, disappointed the Southwestern Ontario event happened in my backyard without knowing about it. Didn't even see anything about it in the SWO Warmachine FB group.. I also totally would have pimped it out on Wargaming Tradecraft.

    1. Thanks! Well, our club site and forums are here:
      and we have meetings the first Sunday of every month, hell that might be this Sunday o_O feel free to come by!


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