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Friday, November 20, 2015

WIP: Harley Quinn Bust

Pretty simple palette. The masking took the longest on this one :)

The initial work was all done with the airbrush. Her face was first.
Then the red...
Then the black...
Now we unmask the face and we switch to bristles to work the final details and blends.
Next we finish unmasking and use Fernando Ruiz's wet on wet technique to work the reds and blacks.
Our palette for wet on wet blends...
 Then we work on a rough sketch of highs and lows...
Finally we soften the blends and use some white for forced contrast and reflections...
Last we paint the Mr. J faces on her base with the palette below...
 And she's done!
Well... maybe one final touch to make it look professional ;)
Okay now she's done!

That went faster than I thought and it was a really fun sculpt to work on. One of the guys from our local figure painting club pointed out that she would look even better if I shifted the lighting from right on top to about 10 o'clock. He's right, and if I can snag another one of these I'll likely do it up with that lighting and be even more bizarre with the painting!

Next post: Display pictures of this bust. Hope you like her, leave me some comments and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!


  1. I hope the Sword and Brush show went well. Unfortunately the same things that prevent me from painting as much as I'd like are also the things that prevent me from enjoying the works of others. Oh well, one day...

    1. It was waaaaaaay more successful than we ever thought! Matheiu Fontaine was there with a few other really awesome painters too :) I had my works on display, but not actually in the contest.

  2. I'm so jealous. :)
    You have the absolute coolest pieces to work on.
    And you always do such a good job. Love it man. Any cartoon like miniature being painted is like a breathe of fresh air ... to me at least.

    1. It was a rare find. i saw it once about 2 years ago on ebay and paid way more than i should have this time, but i loved it so now I am happy to have it in my collection!


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