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Friday, January 15, 2016

WIP: Steampunk Leia Bust, Take One

This bust is for a mini exchange with a fellow CMON artist. Prep was pretty fast. Let me show youwhere it all went wrong o_O

So here she is ready for priming...
And of course I made nicely aged base with a cog to carry that steampunkiness across the whole piece.
Choosing the palette took some time...
Still narrowing...
Then the new studio assistants came in to help...
Attila and Doom Kitty are almost impossible to capture on camera. This was just before the paper crafting supply avalanche of 2015. We got it cleaned up quickly, so The Lady Inquisitor will never know ;)
Where was I? Oh yes ready to prime...
Did a zenithal prime from 10 o'clock to add interest.
Went right to work with the AB & masking :) Flesh tones first...
I swear the mids are still there. the photo is just washed out :)
After a clear coat I masked the skin and did her blouse...
Than another clear coat and the leather and hair was done after more masking...
At this point she got a bath in simple green and we started over -_-
The masking did not go well and the unmasking revealed some issues. She's prepped and ready to go again, but only the priming and preshading will be AB work. There are too many fine details to mask effectively and so she will be a good candidate for some new brush techniques I have been dying to try. No worries, the second time around will be that much quicker!

Next Post: Take two :P

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  1. I noticed you did some red hues for the base skin colour. I noticed a lot of Japanese model painters use the same technique to brilliant results. I'm looking forward to seeing your work on the skin tone and if you managed to document the process ... even better!!! :)

    1. Well, things get a bit different the second time around :)


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