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Friday, January 22, 2016

WIP: Steampunk Leia Bust, Take Two (and some distractions)

Okay, let's try that again! Taking a different approach this time...

Primed & Preshaded with these colors:
Very dramatic with the light coming from 10 o'clock. Lets jump right into working on that flesh tone again. Palette:
 And now we start to do some weird stuff that will pay off later. Spots and freckles with these colors:
 Lips and eye shadows preshading...
Ding dong! 

Who could that be? Mr. Postman! Yay, my brush box from that MV Kickstarter a while back...
More pics on P&P & DeviantArt. Vote or comment if you like  :)

So that was something different. My own personal Pandora's brush box featuring The Lady Inquisitor and The Agent of Chaos.

Oh speaking of The Lady, something from the honey do list... You know all that work I do staining display cubes? Comes in handy now and again :P

Happy wife, happy life! That's it for this week :)

Next post: We get weird with Steampunk Leia! That sounded, wrong... Oh well! Thanks for having a look, let me know what you think in the comments (Do you know where I am going with her?) and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. As you are more experienced in this area I wanted to ask your opinion on preshading. I noticed that this technique is mainly an airbrush technique used on model kits. But do you think that it's suitable with just a normal brush. I mean, I get that having a darker basecoat or maybe blocking off colours at deep recesses could qualify as preshading for non-air brush users but then again is it the same? Heck I'm confusing myself more ... on to you then. :)

    1. Yes! You can totally execute this with brushes! In fact this is really just another stage of preshrinking I did with brushes before the next step which is also done with brushes :) Wait until your see the difference!!!


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