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Friday, January 29, 2016

WIP: Steampunk Leia - Let's Get Weird!

This me testing my palette for Leia's skin. What? Let's see what happens...

I settled on these colors:
And here's how she goes...
 Now some makeup and a few more colors:
 Now to bring some life to her eyes.
 Maybe some warpaint too? Just a touch :)
Oh and I basecoated the cog for the plinth.
Also, I'm going to have some fun with a piece of art drawn by a fellow artist on CMON for me.
Yay beakies!

*** Speaking of busts... Another seminar has been announced here in Toronto with Fernando Ruiz!  So if you missed the last one: Sign up now!***

Next post: I basecoat the rest of Leia and start to sketch out the colors to get an idea of how she looks with her green skin and purple leopard spots.

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think in the comments and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. I love the organic feel of the green, with the freckles and warm tones. I don't know what snapped inside your head to make you go green, but it looks like a great choice.

    1. Thanks! Truth be told i was having no end of trouble getting the skin tone the way i wanted and said screw it. I didn't want to strip it again so i took a few days off and then figured i try this. At worst I would have to strip it and start over, at best ^^^^that^^^^. I make a few more missteps but they actually lead to some pretty cool results :)

  2. Sweeeeet - really dig the sudden left turn on the skin color, that's definitely added a special twist to the model!

    1. Thanks! There certainly aren't any other versions of her like this out there :)

  3. Wait a minute ... that cog only has a basecoat? But it looks great as is ... it truly does. What paint did you use? If it's only one hue then I assume you have let a bit of the primer show through.

    1. And forgive me for not saying it earlier ... her eyes do indeed have life in them.

    2. Thanks, not sure what paint i used for the cog - just grabbed some random browns and got to stippling. It will be brass, or copper, not sure, but this is the under coat and i might do some chipping with salt and hiar spray :)


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