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Friday, February 12, 2016

Challenge: Painting With Your Wrong Hand

Really feeling the stress on steampunk Leia. Needed to have some fun so I painted a mini with my wrong hand. Eyes above more after the jump...

So, why the hell would you want to do this? Well, It's fun. I've been watching a lot of  drawing videos on YouTube and they have all kinds of fun challenges and I felt I was getting all full of myself and artistic and preachy. So I started a WIP thread on CMON if anyone is interested in joining:

If you don't want to join on CMON, do one on your blog and post it! Basically it's a way to blow off steam and have little laugh at our hobby and maybe not take our painterly selves so seriously. This is the first of many just for fun challenges I'll be doing this year. Okay, back to the wrong handed painting!

I'm doing hard to reach details first as I have little to no fine motor control with my right hand - did I mention? I'm a lefty :)
My rough attempt at NMM Gold (because this challenge wasn't hard enough already and I'm a sadist apparently) and the rubber tubes and joints...
Then the armour. Here is where the lessons started. I thought I would just zenithal prime, glaze layers over the mini and thanks to the preshading I would be done.
Well that lack of motor control really screws with that. It took forever and looked like all kinds of crap. Tide marks and brush strokes and just really uneven and hard to control. I should have just used wet on wet. Teachable moment ;)
Time to use washes to fix this, right?
Well, it doesn't make me want to puke! Good from far, but far from good - perfect for tabletop!
I think red, white & NMM metal was next - again, sadist apparently :(
 Oh and the purity seal and leather...
Then back to the eyes, which may have been covered by blue ink at some point, you know, due to the LACK OF FINE MOTOR CONTROL! WHY AM I DOING THIS??!!! FUN!!! WHAT?! NO!

I'm okay.

Mustn't forget those shoulder rims - which mark him as one of the reserve companies 7th? 6th, maybe? God, it's all a blur- a rage fueled blur...

I'm fine.


Want to see the final mini? A table top mini like this I can crank out in 40 min- 1 hour with my left hand. Using my right hand took 6-8 hours!!!!

Not too shabby, eh? Terrible contrast, sloppy brushwork, but it can be done - and only at the cost of my sanity!!!

Anyone gonna try it? It's fun, I swear -_-

*** Speaking of painting... Another seminar has been announced here in Toronto with Fernando Ruiz!  So if you missed the last one: Sign up now!***

Next post: More distractions and maybe even some progress on steampunk Leia! Thanks for checking out my corner of the web and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. Very cool idea. I might have to try it.

    1. Yes, it seemed like fun but my god it was so much harder than i thought :)

  2. So silly I need to try that now !
    Impressive results for a work with your wrong hand !

    1. Thanks! It's shocking to have all the knowledge but no control to execute it. You really have to slow down and fall back on some dirty tircks :)

  3. While I am not willing to partake in your blatant tom-foolery, There are a couple of time that it is nice to use my left hand. One is applying glue. I have found that it is much easier to hold the piece or tweezers with the good hand and apply glue to it with the off the hand so that I don't have to switch hands to place the piece. I have also become obsessed with putting glue on both pieces, every single time. The other time it is nice to use the off hand is with the rotary tool, which if held in my right hand will flick all sorts of dust and debris into my face, but in the left will mostly shoot crap away from me.

    Did you know Wappel teaches a painting class with no paint brushes, just to get people to think differently about things?

    1. Oh trust me, you'll need a break during or after that massive commission. You will partake just to have some fun again at some paint and the thread is wide open for anyone to join at any time! Wappel is nuts, but you can't argue with his results. I swear i have gotten some of the smoothest blending transitions using that damn finger wipe technique than anything else!!! Hell i have an idea to use hatching and crosshatching on my next project. A 2d technique on a 3d project?! Epic fail or art? I guess we'll see...

  4. LoL ... you seem to have a hankering for suffering my man. I see that you are far ahead in the road to the dark side ... Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. ;) AND your wrong hand results is way better than the majority who paint with the right hand.

    1. Thanks! It's gaming standard at best :P It was a lot of fun and i have some more challenges lined up this year for fun :)

  5. I'm waiting for the next article when you paint upside down. :)

  6. Pretty sure my off-handed Guardsman would look shockingly like my strong-handed guardsman. Mostly cuz I drybrush the bajeezes out of everything so as to eliminate any requirement of fine motor control.

    You did well!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, i doubt you are that splap dash. i saw your knight ;)

    2. Heh, that's the exception, not the rule ;)


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