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Friday, February 05, 2016

WIP: Steampunk Leia - Color Sketching (and more art and such)

Her shirt won't actually be purple, but it will have a purple under tone :)

The colors of the shirt so far.
Next was to sketch in her hair...
And then all that leather ;)
And last was to basecoat the metals...
And now for some art and distractions!

Remember that beakie sketch? I colored it and sent it back to the artist as a surprise :) Now it's a collaboration!
And while I was water coloring stuff I made one for The Agent of Chaos because she liked this one.
The Agent of Chaos and her stuffed dragon :P
Also The Lady Inquisitor and I are working on that art project I mentioned a while back... We did a few tests and then it will be onto the large one that will sit above our bed. Are we painting a calm forest? A romantic sunset? Or a peaceful seashore? No. It's a funky abstract classic NES controller!
Yep, we're nerds.

One last thing. I started a WIP thread on CMON for some fun. Being all painterly many of us forget to have fun so I started a WIP thread were a bunch of us" super talented super serious artists" are painting figures... with our wrong hands! I think it's going to be hilarious and fun so feel free to join in if you like. You're Doing It Wrong... Handed WIP Thread.
I am using a space marine because it should be easy even with my wrong hand since I've painted so many, right?
I primed him with the AB using my wrong hand. Turns out I have very clumsy fine motor control and I may have eaten some paint already. Off to a great start!

*** Speaking of busts... Another seminar has been announced here in Toronto with Fernando Ruiz!  So if you missed the last one: Sign up now!***

Next post: I finish up this Beakie and you will be shocked by the result! Thanks for visiting, and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. This Leia project really has me intrigued now. And as for painting with a hammer ... ouch ... reds from marines and greens from orks then?

  2. Haven't looked back in I'm sad I haven't! Wow. I love the skin!

    1. Thanks! You are gonna be even busier with all those damned orks for NOVA ;)

    2. Ya since I have to follow an actual guide and not be lazy! (but I'm only doing two things so shouldn't be so bad)


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