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Friday, February 19, 2016

WIP: Steampunk Leia Shirt & Other Stuff

The plan was to do Leia's shirt in a white with purple undertones with the colors above...

But I hated how it looked with her skin -_-
Blah.  So I went for a high contrast dark purple using washes & inks.
And i like the result!
Is it silk, velvet, velour or PVC? Don't care, looks nice - and yes, those reflections are painted :) Forced contrast is actually kind of fun.
Now somewhere in between I had a mental break down and needed to regroup so I did some art of another nature.

Remember that art project I with The Lady Inquisitor I mentioned a few posts back? I do. A nun falling down the stairs. Really. You folks are just horrible. Well here it is...

In other news the company I work for is getting rid of our paper cups so they gave us mugs. Really, really boring mugs - designed to crush the last of our creativity? I can only assume that by the black and white nature of the beasts o_O Seriously, a Media company that employs thousands of creative people couldn't have had a contest or come up with a cool design or something? Black and white, eh? It's classic at least. Well, I think you know how this ends...

You fools! All you did was give me a blank canvas to work with!!!!!!
 This one is based off a piece from DeviantArt by StressedJenny. I did the best could with ceramic paints. Sorry for butchering your vision Jenny :(
 Actually, a lot of these are based on nice things I saw on DeviantArt. I love that place :)

Well, that was weird, eh?

*** Speaking of busts... Another seminar has been announced here in Toronto with Fernando Ruiz!  So if you missed the last one: Sign up now!***

Next post: Back to Steampunk Leia and all that leather she is wearing ;)  Thanks for clicking by and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!


  1. Agreed ... the darker purple works better. And as for the boring mug, think of it as a white blank canvas to be filled with your imagination, which going by the first mug caption - you did. :)


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