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Friday, June 17, 2016

Personal Not A Pity Party Post

Depression By Destiny Blue on Deviant Art
Above is a depiction of depression by one of my favorite artists on Deviant Art. She is so talented and so open about her struggles.

Whats wrong? Well, there maybe a drop off in my posting for a while, maybe not. I can't promise anything. You follow my blog and deserve a little explanation for your time and support :)

Back on May 1st my dad had a stroke. It was pretty bad. He's in rehab and by the time this posts it will have been for a month. As I write this he has been in the hospital for about 11 days and rehab for about 3. I have been there for all of it. I will head back to work soon. My boss? Best guy in the whole world. Honestly went above and beyond to help me find balance while I struggle through this.
En masse by Clockblock on Deviant Art
I'm an only child and have my depthless self reliance, The Lady Inquisitor and Agent of Chaos and some other close friends for support, but it's still super hard and scary as all hell. There is just so much uncertainty with this kind of thing and for an A type person like me? I don't know is like a punch in the face and there is a LOT of I don't know with this. I have gained so much perspective from this and learned quite a bit about myself. It has changed me a lot too, for the better... I think. Only time will tell [punch in face].

There is another 2 months of rehab ahead and then we see where my dad goes. Assisted living or a long term care facility. Not sure as I write this [punch in face].

Please don't feel bad or think I need cheering up. I am in this with no choice but to put one foot in front of the other and I am pretty damn stubborn too. ENDURE. ADAPT. OVERCOME. I really can't do less :)

I also have my ultimate (and some would argue only) coping mechanism to fall back on: humor.

There was some other crap that piled on while this was happening. My brother in law's town caught fire. Fort Mac. Holy crap. He's fine. That's good. But COME ON Really?! REALLY?!

And my allergies kicked in in the middle of all this too. At least that let me hide my tears behind the excuse of "allergies" :P

Anyway, pardon my absence if there is one. If not just ignore this and we'll all carry on with our fun little hobby :)

Thanks all! Something, something, something paint and pain and something o_O Blarg.