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Friday, June 10, 2016

WIP: NOVA Open Ironstrider Details & Weathering Part 1

Let's jump right in. Leather and flesh colors above pics below...

A first pass...
 Then the leather is shaded...
Finally a wash for that dead flesh...
Those cream colored legs need some pop too. Or was that poop...
 Last I used these colors to touch up the shading on the insignia...
A final review before we add damage.
Then onto the chipping with a sponge and these colors...
.Next time some highlights on the chipping and some streaking too. Home stretch!

Thanks for stopping by, leave me some comments and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain.


  1. That's some great sponge work...and you did both sides. So impressive!

    1. Thanks!Yeah, might as well go all in. It's a display level work so attention to detail is key :)

    2. I think I'd be terrified at doing display level work. I keep spending too much time on the gamer level stuff. Glad I don't do this for is your tabletop standard that took me 40 hours...haha

    3. Yeah, that's why it's still a hobby for me too :) The stress of making money off of this would ruin the fun for me I think. Charity projects like this on the side are a great way to help out and feel like a pro without having to put my livelyhood on the line o_O

  2. goddamn that looks nice. Great work Mr. Zab :D


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