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Friday, July 15, 2016

On Display: Onitama

I needed a break after the Ironstrider and I almost jumped right into another project, but I have learned to slow down a bit with my dad's recent stroke. So I painted up the minis from this fun little board game just for me (and maybe The Agent Of Chaos too)! Let's take a closer look...

Nothing fancy.
Very quick and stylized.
I painted them all up in a few evenings watching TV with The Lady Inquisitor. I used a limited palette for them and a simple oil wash that I wiped off at the end to give them a grubby antique look.
 Ready for the close ups of the oldest and most bitter of rivalries?

... VS Red!

That was fun :)

Next post: I start on that little Malifaux Demon, Nekima. @#%$! She small -_-

Thanks for stopping by, let me know if you paint up your board game pieces and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. That is super cool - nice work, man!

  2. It's nice to be reminded that we don't need to just paint plastic and resin mini's. :)

    1. I have sooooo many boardgames. Hell, I bought relic just for the busts...

    2. I did the same..then I started cleaning them. On all of mine the mould line travels directly down the center split of the model, across the head and shoulders. Devastating on the sister :(.

    3. Blarg! That sucks! I wasgoing to use them as quick warmups for some other busts I have kicking around, but if they are in rough shape from casting i guess i'll get some sculpting practice in too o_O

    4. It's also very soft. (so easy to scrape off). If you get a chance to look at yours, tell me how they are! (curious if all are like that, or if I just got a bad batch)

  3. The paint work looks great, even for such a simple sculpt!


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