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Friday, July 01, 2016

WIP: NOVA Open Ironstrider - Powders & Final Details.

Oh I have LOTS of powders.  I highly recommend them if you never want to buy any again :) Onto the last steps then...

After applying a heavy layer of powders and setting them with water I removed quite a bit with some damp make up sponges and some gentle rubbing.
There will be more powders on there later. I also added some to the Ironstider and gently removed them to create nice stains and deposits.

Next I got to work on the scorching & heat blooms on the barrels of the weapons and exhausts. The fist pass was with powders.
 Then I enhanced it a bit with some glazes.
 And here is the last pass on the base with some rusty powder so that when we seal it it still looks dusty.

Next post: Display pics and voting links!

Thanks for following along. I hope you enjoyed the process and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. Nicely done, Zab, as always. Now I'm gonna have to pull out my weathering powders. They've been sitting on my shelf awaiting the proper inspiration...

  2. Thanks man! Wear a mask - especially with colors like cadmium red and yellow o_O

  3. +1 on the mask...also if you spill, be really careful cleaning up!!!!

    Everything looking great Zab! Excited to see another one of your pieces in person!

    1. Thanks! I am on vacation the week of nova I would love to take the fam out there and maybe stop by the show to see the ork hordes and met some NOCF artists. Can't guarantee with my dad's stroke recovery, but hell we just did 4 days in Quebec and that was cool. Do they have day passes on site for the show?

    2. Yes they have day passes! Though I'm sure they'd just let you in as a contributing artist. Please make sure to tweet me @3dgreg or drop me an email so we can meet up!

    3. Well, I'll have to see if The Lady Inquisitor and life will work with me to take another trip this summer then!

  4. Examples og pigments :)

    I wish i could do all that things!


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