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Friday, November 04, 2016

WIP: Experiments With Old Minis

These minis have some pretty bad casting issues so I thought they would be good for an experiment :)  I wondered if hatching would work on minis. Let's follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole...

Tried these eye colors.

Meh, not enough contrast. Added a color to fix it.
 Onto the skin, quick wet blending.
Gems and claws.
Forgot the pics of that stage o_O

Might be tired. Time to stop.

Next post: Base and final details and the experiment. Thanks for stopping by and remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain :)

PS - Happy 10 years of bonded coexistence to The Lady Inquisitor! Here's to at least 10 more :)


  1. I m very interested about this experiment.hope to see next step soon.
    Many complimenti for your work e thanks for sharing

  2. Wow ... those are some truly awesome looking old minis. Great progress so far too. And happy anniversary!!! :)

    1. Oh yeah but that casting is super terrible. I do love the sculpt on the deamonette. Thanks for the anniversary wishes too :)


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