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Friday, January 20, 2017

Art Break: Watercolors

 Just a quick break from minis. This year I'll be slowing down a bit as I struggle with depression and burn out on all fronts. Every now and then you'll get some filler posts like this or I may even miss a week. I have to accept that I am human and have limits - man, I hate saying that -_-

At any rate these were done on a quick trip to Vegas over the xmas break while we visited red rock canyon for a family wedding.
 I like water colors because they can be so loose and messy and force you to step away from perfection/precision which is a huge factor in our hobby. So what other art do you guys do? What inspires and influences your mini painting? This is just one other medium I am exploring. I'll share others as the year goes by and explain why I like them and how they help me with my mini painting.

Thanks for looking and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. Stay strong man ... know that your family loves you and need you.
    I always wanted to try water colours but, me oh my, where do I find the time. :)

    1. Thanks :) Waterbrush, small travel palette, book of small watercolor postcards. Very quick and portable!

  2. Hey man, I really like the colours you've used. I've noticed people normally use subtle colours with water colour, to make sort of coloured-in drawings, but yours are like actual paintings.

    The quality of light is so clear and bright it looks like Australia to me :) Must be a desert thing.

    I've been oil painting a lot. It's completely taken over my hobby time actually. In comparison to painting pics from my imagination, putting paint on someone else's sculpture seems more like a technical exercise than a creative one. And like you said, the way people normally paint them is detail and technique-obsessed, so I just wasn't enjoying them as much as the painting on canvas and wood. I might try and knock out a Forgeworld artillery piece over the weekend though, two of them been sitting on my desk for like a year :D

    1. Thanks :) I really need to try oils. The wet on wet style would help my mini painting too. I think a lot of us mini painters eventually become artists whether we mean to or not. The creative drive just keeps evolving!


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