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Friday, February 10, 2017

Art Break: More Watercolors

 This is one of two bridges near the Hoover Dam. We we're waiting in traffic trying to find a spot o_O It was a busy dam day!

And those two are the last ones from Red Rock Canyon.

Back to mini painting after this, I swear. Those WOK Wolves ain't gonna paint themselves!

Thanks for indulging me on my little hiatus/ burnout/ breakdown. Don't forget to check out my eBay items! As always leave questions, comments or critiques below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)


  1. I am familiar with the hiatus/burnout. I went through a short painting phase as well before jumping back to miniature painting. Red rock canyon is beautiful. It is an excellent place to recharge.

    1. Thanks for the support :) Never thought I would have burnout that would affect my hobby o_O Still learning!

  2. I get burnout every year after nova. Everyone knows it and understands it! (It's funny because adepticon charges me, nova drains me!).

    Make sure to get your blog relinked on faeit! (still haven't seen it show back up yet).

  3. I like the last one best. :) Personally I like watercolours when they are for landscapes and portraits.


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