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Friday, February 03, 2017

Spring Cleaning: Items for Sale

I've lost count of the number of time this has happened to me! Yes. Yes I do vacuum in a summer dress and hosiery. Don't you? ANYWAY.... My display cabinet is full of minis and I need room for future projects so the following items are going up for sale!

Chibi Succubus; Vandella

Limited Edition Xmas mini

Second War for Armageddon Vignette

Vampirella  SOLD

What would Will do?



Helion Rain


Keep an eye out for a page at the top of the blog labelled as Minis For Sale for more information on pricing, payment and shipping.

Speaking of things to buy, get your copy of The Golden D6- issue 10. I have a few pieces in there this month and I am always on the look out for hobby mags you can download after having to clean out my dad's house after his stroke o_O So many Model Aircraft mags *twitch*twitch* I'll be adding The Golden D6 to my list of great digital hobby mags! Here is a link to issue 10:

Thanks for stopping by, leave any questions, comments or concerns below and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)