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Friday, March 31, 2017

WIP: WoK Wolves Bases

A simple and straightforward post! Base colors above, the rest of the process below...

First set of shading.

Highlight back up.

More shades and tints and highlights. The second set of shades is for the female base. The male's will be warmer tones and the female cooler, but very similar colors to tie them together.

Now the skulls...

Last I added powders and some weathering...

And finally some finishing touches after sealing...

Next post: Display pics!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the process and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)


  1. Those really are looking fantastic - Awesome stuff, man!

  2. So many subtly different hues goes into your bases that make it look good as it does. Nice! A useless bit of info but until today the sight of UHU glue makes me cringe. Some idiot in a shop recommended using UHU glue to put the plastic mnodel kit together AND needless to say after extremely frustrating sessions in model kit building I was put off the hobby for the next 20 plus years. >_<

    1. It's great for stringy saliva or cobwebs though! That is a good story :)


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