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Friday, June 30, 2017

WIP: Gouache on minis? Yeah, not so much.

Lets try out some stuff on these disposable minis...

Gouache works lovely on watercolor paper and kind of well on minis... sort of.
What's neat about gouache is you can reactivate it with water so it's a bit like oils, you can also lift it with a damp brush in places to create highlights if you have white primed under it...
Not bad considering each set of color took about 5 min, no, like five min on all three minis o_O
But it all dissolves and goes to crap when you seal, and if you don't it rubs off and gets reactivated by the oils on your hands -_-
You can see how much it dissolves on the backs of the legs on a few of them above after they were sealed -_-

Any way, it was a fun experiment!

Next Post: My daughter's first diorama!

Thanks for humoring me on my continued experiments in various mediums, let me know if you are trying anything new with your minis these days and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)