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Friday, September 29, 2017

WIP: Ahsoka Tano Disney Infinity

Ahsoka and her display base. I may enter her into the MV contest, but the pressure of it almost made me quit before I started o_O  Not sure contests are the right motivation for me :(

Her palette:

The base pre shading:
The base done:
Her skin colors:
Some quick sketching with the wet palette- man I forgot how quick things go with a wet palette! Like 15 min of work here!
So what's gonna be my next boxed set project?
And to celebrate 5 years on the blog (and possibly say farewell as I might be switching to social media now that I am using my phone for WIP pics) I will paint up this set and maybe do a little giveaway...

Next post: More Ahsoka WIPs!

If you want to join me in social media.... so far I am on Art Amino under Almost Perftec Painting - join and follow me and let me know you are from the hobby and I'll follow you back! I'll also be joining Instagram, FB and Twitter eventually... once I figure them out -_-   I'll let you know where to find me on those when they are up and running.

Thanks for looking, let me know what boxed set you would like to see next and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain ;)


  1. Sweeeet - Definitely looking forward to seeing this come together! Would be a shame to see you leave the blogosphere though...

    1. She turns out sweet. I have already submitted her for the contest! I just cant publish completed pics until after Oct 19th ;) I can't lie posting to art amino and Deviant has been super easy and blogger just doesn't hold up on the ol iphone. The only thing keeping me from the other social media is finding a slow afternoon to sign up. I doubt I'll leave blogger altogether but it may slow down a bit :)

  2. Sigh. I really hate to see another blogger "retire". To me, Facebook posts are like sandcastles... easy to put together and get a few likes, but very ephemeral and temporary. Blog posts are more labour intensive, but they have much more depth to them, and can be referred back to much more easily when needed... a good blog is like finding a good library of books.

    I would much prefer to see all the bloggers maintain their blogs, even if only to post up on rare occasions, rather than let them die.

    1. I won't let it die and to this point, I still haven't sat down and signed up for social media. Not sure i can do it being a bit of a social hermit o_O I just keep putting it off hoping social media will die, is that bad? It just seems like such an empty, time consuming medium. That said, i do like art amino and would love to join hobby groups on FB instagram and twitter, but my god the amount of time you need to set up each account and turn all the privacy settings on is just crazy!

  3. What Kelly said ... would be sad to see you go. That being said do remember to post your social media links in the future.

    1. I am hoping that this Monday (Canadian Thanksgiving)I will have time to set up accounts - with a full day off to just sit around and do nothing. When did life get so busy?!


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