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Friday, September 08, 2017

WIP: Blog 5 Year Anniversary, Batch Painting Done & MV Contest Entry


As it turns out today is the 5 year anniversary of this blog! Man that is a long time o_O  Will have to do a little giveaway later to celebrate...

While I had the airbrush out I thought I would prime up my Massive Voodoo contest entry...
Dramatic eh? I have a plan for Ahsoka...

Next Post: Some blurry pics of the finished marines.

Thanks for slogging through that with me, leave me some encouraging comments and remember you can't spell paint without a little pain :P


  1. Always love coming here to see your work Zab! Keep it up!

  2. Five years? Well played.

    Really looking forward to seeing how you paint up Asoka.

    1. Thanks! I have tons of WIP pics of her already on Art Amino under Almost Perftec Painting. I'll be joining more social media soon like FB Instagram and twitter as its far more convenient than the blog or mini forums.

  3. I say give away cash ... one million dollars (muah ha ha ha ha ha ala Austin Powers) ... or not. Congrats!!!

    1. Thanks, no cash only painted minis! Cash is nothing art means everything :)


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