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Friday, November 03, 2017

WIP: Ahsoka OSL & Shadow

Now I want to protect the sabers and her beautiful eyes. This is a scary process because I am covering a lot of my previous work with thin layers of OSL and shading. Thin paint, low PSI and many layers so I don't obscure all my hard work - just most of it on the shadowed side o_O

Here we go!
Success!!!! Just have to refine a few things with the bristles...

Also bought a 30th anniversary Primaris marine and was going to prime it while I had the airbrush out...
but turned out to be an assassin! I took it back to the store and they replaced it and gave me a spare primaris to use as a test for my color scheme - no big deal!

Next post: Primaris preshading.

Thanks for the clicks, tell me what you think and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!


  1. That is super, super cool! Nice work, man!

    It would have been slightly more ironic if the assassin had been a Callidus (what with 'em being the masters of disguise), but the Eversor is still a very cool model. Looking forward to seeing your take on the nuMarine!

    1. Thanks! He's done, you can check him out on my instagram: almost_zab or on my cmon wip thread:!-WIP

      He came out great!

  2. Wow ... she is coming along VERY nicely indeed. Why didn't you mask her eyes with some liquid mask? That would have saved you from the worry.

    1. Thanks, I actually used silly putty to mask the sabers and eyes because i have had some problems in the past with various liquid masking products. I didn't want to get this far and have it destroyed so i very rarely use liquid mask anymore. Silly putty is much more versatile and works better for my needs. It also hasn't betrayed my like liquid mask.


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