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Friday, December 15, 2017

WIP: Pearl Coat Fail - AGAIN!!! Grrrrrr.

It all seemed like a good idea...

The thing is, pearl coat isn't like normal paint and doesn't thin or blend well. Never mind getting decent photos of it. That said my GK Samus Aran is going to be awesome with what I have learned!

Next Post: I hit the reset button. F-ing White Scars. Imma turn traitor over your crap -_-

Thanks for watching the blunders and stumbles, there more to come and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain :)


  1. I did a white scar with car primer white, nuln oil recess shade and then brought the white back up with regulat skull white. Might work for you?

    1. Oh this one turns out amazing in the end and I use very little actual white. It was inspired by Roman over at Massive Voodoo. If you'd like to see you can browse my instagram! I'm under almost_zab ;)


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