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Friday, February 23, 2018

WIP: Death Guard Test Mini: Base & Weathering

Metal and bronze sketched in real quick...

Then the base.

And some weathering.

Verdict: I hate it BUT it still did what I wanted. I wanted him to be the opposite of the shiny White Scar and he is - just not in the way I expected. He's too busy and there is too much detail for the armour color or weathering to really read. I picked bad mini and then piled on more detail than was needed. That said, I like the colors and the FX so those will carry over to the simpler sculpt from the First Strike set and I know what I can cut out of the process that won't be missed after the weathering so I'm all set!

Next: post: Display pics!

Thanks for following along as I find my way, let me know what you think and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!