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Friday, April 27, 2018

WIP Preshading First Strike & Lost Patrol

Let's get this preshading party started. Wear a mask tho!

My new weapon of choice courtesy of The Lady Inquisitor...
That is a sexy airbrush if I ever saw one!
Zenithal Primed:



Pox Walkers:

The whole gang so you can see the value ranges...

Lost Patrol scouts:

Lost Patrol stealers:

Again, the gang together...
Death in the jungle indeed! They're right behind you! BEHIND YOU! Screw it, they're dead.
Next Post: Painting begins on the infestation markers!

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think and remember; you can't spell paint without a little pain!


  1. Very nice looking airbrush ... does it work as well as it looks?

    1. Its much more versatile that the normal 105, but the iawata eclipse is still a much more subtle brush. That said I like the x pat and enjoyed playing with it. I'll likely use it later for the tinting at the end. My fav part of it is the large reservoir for paint which i found the 105 lacked. I was able to prime a whole batch with this one before having to refill.

  2. Interesting set of colour choices to pre-shade - I've usually just kept to very dark/black with a top down white/light grey before adding wash/colour. Interested to see how the different colours affect the end result.

    Btw - is that a set of resin bases or a home-build? Looks like a good pattern for Space Hulk/necromunda type model... :-)

    1. It's fun to experiment with various undertones. Some have no real result others skew things quite bit :) Those are just home made bases. I used some patterned scrap book tape and some plastic card and the dremmel tool

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